Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy, Busy! First sale and More Custom Orders!

I meant to make a post sooner than this to share the good news, but I got a little caught up with all things pregnancy (like contractions and getting even more baby ready).

Five days ago (December 10th) I made my first non-commissioned sale! The pearl and crystal necklace sold to someone in New York! I really hope they love it, because it was a huge pain to make. A labor of love.

In celebration of my first sale, I'm planning a special After-Christmas deal. I will be mailing out post cards with a unique code written on them. This code will be good for 30% off of a custom design. For those of you who don't already know, custom designs are already cheaper than buying from the Etsy store, and they're also one of a kind. There may be similar items made in the future, but there will be absolutely nothing exactly like what is made for your custom order.

This is my way of letting you or someone you know get what they really wanted for Christmas and letting you get a jump-start on that perfect Valentine's Day gift. The 30% off code will go out in January. If you want one, email me your address: faeowldesigns@gmail.com.

Another really awesome thing has happened recently. I've been asked to make a one of a kind necklace for a Secret Santa gift exchange. The gift is for the pastor's mother in law. I'm really looking forward making this special gift.

I went to my favorite bead store today to pick up some supplies for this necklace. All I know so far is that the color needs to be blue and the length should probably be around her collar bone. I've only met her once, so I have a pretty good idea of her height and body's frame size. The rest I'm kind of like AHHH! I'm hoping to get the chance to talk to either the pastor or his wife to get a better idea of the type of jewelry she likes before it needs to be done. Which, by the way, is Thursday.

Oh wow.

I found some awesome things while at the store. Plenty of blue. I bought two kinds of pearls (robin's egg blue and almost cobalt), lots of rich blue glass, blue shell that looks a bit like cat's eye, but not quite. I bought a few other things too that I plan on making and putting up in the shop come January.

A lot of things that aren't custom orders are going to be put on hold until January. The baby is due any day now, and come January 2nd we will all be moving to Oklahoma! I'm hoping that being so close to Native American culture will really inspire me to get creative. I'm also hoping for some good deals on turquoise! (A little birdie told me that turquoise is going to be the "in" thing for 2010. Let's hope!)

I will be posting pictures (when I find my camera's cord) of the necklace that I make for the pastor's mother in law after the gift is open. I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Time to get busy!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Open Shop and a Commission

After my last post, I couldn't contain my excitement anymore. I opened the shop with the few things that I had on hand and ready to be sent to someone who would love wearing them as much as I loved creating them. I haven't sold anything yet, and I don't expect to sell out right away. I am, however, getting quite a few views of my items and that makes me happy.

I still haven't received my shipping supplies, but I did get an email that said they are on their way! GO GO US POSTAL SERVICE! I'm really excited about their arrival. I love the design so much!

Speaking of design, my friend Pamela made a really awesome graphic for my Etsy avatar, my Facebook fan page, and a banner for the shop's page on Etsy.

Pamela was one of the four people that I was waiting to hear back from on the jewelry that I mailed to. Everyone's received their gifts and everyone says that they loved them and think they're gorgeous. +5 to ego boost. =) One of them has even said that they will model the necklace I sent for a photo. So, that should be here soon.

Even though I haven't officially sold anything on Etsy yet, I do have a commissioned project. She's originally said that she wanted a 14" cat's eye necklace. After we talked about a few details, I mentioned how awesome it was that she wants some colors that I do have on hand, just not in cat's eye. So we got to talking about tiger's eye and their differences. She changed her mind about the cat's eye and now wants tiger's eye, which I do already have on hand. So that works out well.

My only challenge now is creating the pendant for it. Yes, it would be easier to buy one and slap it on, but I'd like to make the necklace a little more personal for her. Right now, my idea is to make a 14" necklace using gold, brown and black seed beads with tiger's eye as accent beads and a three inch extender so she can vary the length depending on the neckline of what she's wearing. I have until July, which is a huge amount of time and I will finish long before then. I'll post a picture when its done.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Diving In

After more than a few promptings since I started making jewelry, I've finally decided to take the plunge and throw my designs out there. I've been going back and forth between being super excited and really nervous. Most of the time I'm excited though.

There are a few things that I'm waiting on before I start listing items and "open" the shop:

One, is an order of supplies that will help me stand out from others when customers receive their purchases in the mail.

Two, is reviews from about four people whom I sent jewelry gifts to. I sent them on Thursday, so they should arrive soon. Hopefully, I can coerce them to take some photos of them modeling the jewelry. That would be fun.

Third, and most importantly, I want a few items for people to look at. I have about five right now. I'd like at least ten to start with. It will still feel like I don't have much up, but its a start. After that, I can and probably will, add items as I create them.

So far in this little venture I have discovered that my camera does not like taking close-up photos, I am not very tech-savvy at all, and working out of my in-laws house is a bit of a pain with having to set up and tear down every day.

Someday, I will have my very own room all to myself to design and create in. Until that day, I'm not letting circumstances out of my control bring me down.

Here's hoping for a swift delivery of those packaging supplies and many brilliant design ideas.